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Samsung Curved SUHD HDR 1,000 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55” ,Now & 360° Design

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Be blown away by the brilliant brightness of Samsung’s Quantum Dot display. Boasting top-shelf HDR, crystal-clear 4K and crisp moth-eye technology, this set’s explosion of colour will change the way you look at your media. Coming with a revamped Smart platform, you’ll enjoy console-less gaming on Playstation Now, control your home through SmartThings and access all the apps you’ll ever need. Finished with a glorious bezel-less design, the KS9000 is a triumph of audio-visual entertainment.

Eye-Popping HDR 1,000
Forays into colour-boosting High Dynamic Range (HDR) have begun, and Samsung are one of the forerunners. As members of the newly-founded UHD Alliance, they’ve delivered top-of-the-range HDR with a staggering 10-bit colour depth. This means that there are over a billion individual colours to deepen your view and show shades you’ve never seen in home entertainment before. Samsung’s HDR 1000, indicating over 1000 nits of shimmering brightness, gives a glorious glow that will knock your socks off. Usually, studios are forced to dilute the colour of their shows and films to fit on our TVs. Now, HDR screens like the KS9000 can channel content from studio-to-living room with the same precision and utterly otherworldly hues.

Razor Sharp 4K
To respond to screens getting bigger, brands have packed their screens with more pixels. This 55-inch screen has four times the number of pixels than 1080p HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. Experience this high-spec picture across a range of broadcasts, movies, sports and more thanks to 4K upscaling. As it converts lower resolution content to near-4K quality, anything you watch on the big screen will be truly extraordinary.

Vibrant Quantum Dot SUHD Display
Samsung add even more colour to their HDR and SUHD with a mass of super-tiny nanocrystals that give deeper shades. This tech delivers 30% more colour accuracy and 64 times more gradation to each pixel than standard sets. So, the KS9000 will give your living room an insane lustre that plunges into the delightful depths of every show and movie.

Ultra-Black Moth-Eye Technology
Embrace blacker blacks, whiter whites and an all-round contrast bonanza with Samsung’s new Ultra-Black tech. The KS9000 absorbs natural light in the same way that a moth does to see better at night, so your set won’t suffer from frustrating glare. This way, you won’t need to close your curtains to keep colours sharp. Furthermore, this TV’s Peak Illuminator Pro doubles the depth of blacks of standard 4K, giving your home-viewing premium polish.

Curved Immersion
The curved screen of the KS9000 wraps around your eye-line for an immersive viewing experience. Improving the viewing angle, reflecting less glare from windows and displaying a stunning edge-to-edge picture, this curved television will bring out the very best in your favourite games, movies and programmes.

Sensational Smart Platform
With Samsung’s revamped Smart Hub, it’s never been easier to access your favourite media. Stream 4K content from the likes of Amazon, YouTube and Netflix, download hundreds of apps* and catch all this as soon as you turn your set on with the Live TV and over the top (OTT) functions. Furthermore, Samsung’s new Smart Control remote automatically detects other devices such as set-top boxes or games consoles, so you don’t have to juggle multiple remotes.

Playstation Now
This fresh feature lets you play a rich catalogue of PS3 games through your TV. All you need is a Playstation 3 or 4 controller and a subscription to the service (sold separately) to get gaming.

Control Your Connected Home With SmartThings Extend
Developed alongside SmartThings, Samsung’s SUHD TV will have built-in software to let you do anything from switching on your lights to locking your doors**. It will connect to over 200 SmartThings compatible devices and put your home under complete wireless control – all from your TV. This way, you’ll be able to set the right scene in your living room without getting off the sofa. Please note that this feature is coming soon.

Bezel-less 360º Design
On or off, the KS9000 looks extraordinary. Without a bezel, your focus will be pinned on the glorious screen. To keep with its elegant look, Samsung have removed screws from the rear of the TV and added a nifty cable management system to keep stray wires in check. This set isn’t just a screen, it’s a work of art that will sink into your décor seamlessly.

10-Year Screen Burn Warranty
Samsung are offering a 10 year screen burn warranty to all customers. This way, you’re covered – no matter what. Just register your TV here after you’ve set it up.

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*Apps shown may not be available on all Samsung Smart TV products. The Samsung Smart TV platform is used by content providers to make apps available. Content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop supporting them at any time. When new Samsung Smart TV products are launched, there may be a delay before the apps shown become available on those products.

New Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8: release date and everything you should know….

Improving on perfection!

The latest leaks point to a 4K screen, a mini projector, 6GB of RAM, a 30MP camera, an enormous battery and a supercharged processor. The S8 may also launch ahead of schedule and may ditch flat screens altogether, with comments by Samsung executives suggesting that all models will have curves, while sources claim the company has already started ordering curved panels in two sizes.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 was almost everything we hoped for, with improvements throughout leading it to be one of the most powerful, stylish and all round accomplished smartphones on the market.

But there’s still room for improvement and it’s low on innovation, so we have a wish list for what we want to see from the Samsung Galaxy S8. We’d also love to hear what you think, so let us know in the comments below and we’ll furiously email them to Samsung.

The phone won’t be launching for a long time yet, but that just means Samsung should have time to implement some of our suggestions. Here’s hoping it listens.

The phone won’t be launching for a long time yet, but that just means Samsung should have time to implement some of our suggestions. Here’s hoping it listens.

We’re also collecting all the rumours and news about the phone, along with our own educated guesses, so read on for all the latest on Samsung’s upcoming flagship.

Cut to the chase

What is it? Samsung’s next flagship smartphone

When is it out? Early 2017

What will it cost? Maybe around $850 (roughly £655/AU$1120)

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date

Hottest leaks:

A late February announcement

An earlier launch than usual

It’s too early to get too specific about release dates, but the Samsung Galaxy S8 is certain to launch in early 2017, since the beginning of the year is typically when Samsung rolls out its new flagships.

The last couple of years the brand has shown off the phone the day before Mobile World Congress starts, with MWC 2017 set to kick off on 27 February… meaning a Galaxy S8 release date of February 26.

In terms of when you’ll be able to fondle it for the first time, expect a two week wait – so March 13 is our best guess there. Though one leak talks about an April release date, so the wait could be longer than usual.

More to follow stay tuned!!