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Inferno Movie Review & Film Summary (2016)

Inferno Review

5 out of 10

Tom Hanks as Prof. Robert Langdon
Felicity Jones as Dr. Sienna Brooks
Omar Sy as Christoph Bouchard
Irrfan Khan as Harry Sims
Sidse Babett Knudsen as Elizabeth Sinskey
Ben Foster as Bertrand Zobrist
Ana Ularu as Vayentha
Ida Darvish as Marta Alvarez
Paolo Antonio Simioni as Dr. Marconi
Fausto Maria Sciarappa as Parker
Gábor Urmai as Ignazio Busoni
Jon Donahue as Richard
Philip Arditti as Istanbul Professor
Mehmet Ergen as Mirsat

Directed by Ron Howard
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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review

When Major Turner (Cobie Smulders), Reacher’s (Tom Cruise) successor in the Military Police, is arrested for espionage, he starts poking around. When he’s then framed for murder, he busts her out and they set out to clear their names.


Sure, he’s a fine actor, but what Tom Cruise does really well is run. And Ed Zwick, having directed him before, clearly knows that. So, as Never Go Back approaches the half-hour mark and with Cruise yet to break into anything above a brisk walk, Zwick cuts to him sprinting for a cab. And then, to make up for lost time presumably, a few minutes later he runs for a bus. He may be 54 now (and it’s not quite him trying to outrun a sandstorm), but watching Cruise run has lost none of its thrill.
Of course that is, technically, another stick with which doubters can beat this cinematic Reacher, should they be so inclined. Book Reacher’s lumbering lack of speed is a rare weakness and is brought up semi-regularly, but clearly it’s not an issue here. (Even though he does miss that bus.) But it feels, two movies in, as though it’s time to make peace. For better or worse, taller or shorter, when it comes to cinematic Reacher, Cruise is our man.

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Oasis - Supersonic Film

Oasis – Supersonic Film Review 2016

Oasis – Supersonic Film Review:

Documentary tracing the early years of Oasis from their council estate beginnings to their two shows at Knebworth in 1996,
taking in all the breakthroughs and bust-ups along the way.
On 31 May 1993, five lads from Manchester hired a van to drive up to Glasgow, where they played a show to “seven people”. A little over three years later, they headlined the biggest gigs in history when a quarter of a million people went to see them at Knebworth over two nights. Supersonic documents that rise. It also throws into sharp focus just how rapid it was. Continue reading “Oasis – Supersonic Film Review 2016”